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Whether you’re surfing in Bali or cycling in Amsterdam, we can cover you for a range of activities on your trip.

Travel insurance and cover for holiday activities

If you’ve got an adventurous spirit and treat your travels as active escapes, it’s easier to dial up the adrenaline levels knowing both your limits and those of your travel insurance plan.

What does travel insurance cover for sports activities?

While TID insurance plans don’t cover everything, whether you’re a powder person with a knack for carving up the slopes or prefer tackling gnarly waves in the surf, our plans have many benefits that can help if something goes unexpectedly wrong.

We’ve listed below some of our more popular activities and a summary of what our plans cover, but not everything.– if you’re not sure if something you’re planning on doing while on holiday is covered, please contact us before you buy. You should know benefits vary depending on whether you’re travelling domestically or internationally, and the plan you purchase.

International plans (The Works, The Basics and Annual Multi Trip) offer cover for:

  • Emergency Medical assistance – including hospitalisation and medical treatment as needed.
  • Evacuation and repatriation to your home country or medical facilities as needed
  • Snow sports cover (You must have the add-on and have paid the additional premium to be covered at the time of purchase.)
  • Rental and sports equipment
  • Accidental death benefits

Domestic plans offer cover for:

  • Snow sports cover – TID’s Domestic Plan offers an option to add cover for any snow sports you may participate in while on holiday. Cover includes benefits for ski lift passes, ski run closures and replacement ski rental equipment hire. (This option must be added at the time of purchase
  • Hiring replacement golf and surf equipment
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation (but not ambulance costs as per Australian law)
  • Accidental death benefits

What travel insurance plan should I purchase for cover for my activities?

All our plans offer some cover for some of the events that can go wrong when participating in an adventure activity, but it does vary between plans so our TID travellers can choose a plan to suit their adventure level and budget.

You should consider choosing the plan best suited to your planned travel adventure upfront. We suggest considering:

  • What kind of activities am I planning on doing on holiday?
  • What activities are my travelling companions planning on – and that I might like to do?
  • What cover does the different plans offer for these activities?
  • What exclusions apply to the activities I want to participate in?
  • Is my destination a country where medical costs are very high, and should I consider purchasing a plan with higher benefit levels as a result?

What's not covered?

  • Mountaineering - this will generally require the use of ropes, crampons and other equipment, which means these treks require specialised cover that we can't provide.
  • Reckless behaviour or taking needless risk - this applies to all sports and activities - oh, and veering off the assigned track, or balancing on the edge of a sailboat, to get a better Instagram picture is a hard no.
  • Racing or professional sports - training or participating in a professional sport for example you are receiving a wage, salary or appearance fee for training or participating in the activity.
  • Travelling against Do Not Travel warnings or government advisories - if there’s an advisory against going to a destination it’s probably a no-go zone and you may not be covered. This can include an entire country, region or local area so do your research beforehand.
  • Being intoxicated - sports and alcohol don’t mix and if you’re hurt because you were intoxicated with drugs or alcohol then you may not be covered.
  • Personal Liability arising from your ownership, possession or use (including as a passenger) of a mechanically propelled vehicle, for example, any motor vehicle, motor cycle, aircraft or watercraft; or firearm.
  • Participating in activities when you aren't appropriately qualified, licensed or being supervised where required.
  • We definitely don't cover hunting, racing (except on foot), paragliding, pot holing, playing polo, rock climbing, abseiling and BASE jumping, or running with the bulls.
  • If you travel in international waters in a private sail vessel or privately registered sail vessel you are not covered.
  • Coverage differs depending on the plan you choose so check it is the right coverage for your planned trip, and you may also need to add in snow sports activities if you’re planning on participating in any while on holiday.
  • For domestic plans only - Any medical, hospital or dental expenses you incur in Australia. We cannot cover these because we are not allowed to do so by law.

What kinds of sports can travel insurance cover?


  • Acrobatics
  • Activities in Antarctica, the Arctic Circle and Greenland (The Snow Sports Option will probably be required.)
  • Aerial safari (as a passenger in a licenced aircraft operated by an airline or charter company or in a hot air balloon)
  • Aerobics
  • American football (Gridiron)
  • Athletics
  • AFL


  • Banana boat rides
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Biking/cycling
  • Blackwater rafting, cave tubing
  • Boating, sailing
  • Bowling (lawn & ten pin)
  • Bungee jumping


  • Camel riding for a day or if you are on a camel trek
  • Canoeing
  • Canyon swing
  • Cricket


  • Dancing - ballroom, salsa, Capoeira, ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop.
  • Dirt boarding
  • Dragon boating
  • Dune buggy


  • Fencing
  • Fishing (deep sea, angling, fly fishing, on a river, boat, or standing in a lake; but excluding ice fishing)
  • Fly by wire
  • Football


  • Go karting
  • Golf
  • Gym - including weights, Pilates, aqua aerobics, yoga
  • Gymnastics


  • Hiking
  • Hockey - field or indoor (excluding ice hockey)
  • Horse riding - leisure, on a tour with a licenced tour operator, non-competitive
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Ice skating - indoor and outdoor rinks
  • Jet boating
  • Jet skiing


  • Kayaking - white water, sea, river, lake
  • Kite boarding
  • Kite surfing
  • Kite wing


  • Land surfing



  • Obstacle course
  • Outrigger canoeing
  • Outward Bound, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Paint ball
  • Parasailing over water


  • Racquetball
  • Rifle range/sports shooting
  • River boarding/hydrospeeding
  • Roller skating
  • Roller blading/inline skating
  • Rowing/sculling, surf boat rowing
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Running or jogging, including half-marathon or less, marathon and ultra-marathon distances



  • Tennis
  • Tough Mudder
  • Trekking
  • Tuk Tuk as a passenger (excludes Tuk Tuk racing)
  • Volleyball
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water polo
  • Water skiing
  • White water rafting
  • Windsurfing


  • Yoga
  • Zip line
  • Zorbing

Choose a plan that suits your holiday.

Choosing travel insurance can be confusing, so we've made it easy. We have four plans to choose from, each offering a different level of cover. You'll find loads of information about each one, but the plans on offer range from comprehensive to basic, domestic or international as well as single or multiple trips.


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If you're taking some time to explore your own backyard, our Domestic plan protects you for trips within Australia. It can cover you for car hire excess, lost or stolen valuables and cancelled accommodation.

The Works

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Our most popular and comprehensive plan, The Works offers broad cover for international trips including unlimited cover for costs such as medical expenses and cancellation as well as added benefits.

The Basics

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Sticking to a shoestring budget? Our budget plan is designed for travellers who want coverage for all the important things, like hospital bills and stolen luggage, without breaking the bank.


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Are you a frequent flyer? If you travel often for business, or have a few holidays coming up, our annual multi-trip plan could be for you. Made for globetrotters, this plan includes comprehensive cover for unlimited trips taken over 12 months.

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