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Travel Insurance that covers riding on your holiday

What is travel insurance for motorcycles and scooters?

Riding a motorcycle or scooter gives you ultimate freedom when on holidays, especially in places popular amongst Aussie travelers such as Bali and Thailand. Travel insurance for riding a motorcycle or scooter means covering yourself for any emergency medical expenses you incur if you hurt yourself whilst riding.

Why do I need travel insurance for motorcycles and scooters?

Motorcycle and scooter accidents are unfortunately all too common amongst tourists. Combine this with the fact that medical expenses are the most claimed upon benefit amongst travelers and it’s clear that if you plan on riding a motorcycle or moped on your holiday that you can't afford not to have travel insurance.

What’s covered by travel insurance for motorcycles and scooters?

  • Overseas medical expenses if you are injured on a motorcycle.
  • Loss, theft or damage to your luggage and personal effects. Items stolen from a locked, concealed compartment (e.g. under the seat).
  • Accidental Death
  • Total Permanent Disability benefit (excluding domestic policies)

What’s not covered by travel insurance for motorcycles and scooters?

  • Riding without a helmet as a driver or passenger on a motorcycle.
  • Riding without a valid license for the country you are in.
  • Riding a motorcycle when you don’t have a valid license in Australia for the engine.
  • Trip cancellation costs
  • Racing on a motorcycle.
  • Riding while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • You have an accident because you are not following the road rules.
  • Professional sports, i.e. you are receiving a wage, salary or appearance fee for training for or participating in motorcycle riding.
  • Intentionally exposing yourself to a needless risk or not taking reasonable care, except in an attempt to save a human life.
  • Personal Liability- damage you cause to someone’s property or if you injure someone while riding a motorcycle or as a passenger.
  • Medical expenses in Australia

What cover is available for Terrorism Insurance?

Here are some of the cover benefits included in your policy for terrorism cover

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Don't like medical bills?

Compensation for unforeseen medical expenses incurred whilst on an overseas holiday

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Taking luggage with you?

Cover if your luggage is stolen, permanently lost or accidentally damaged due to circumstances outside of your control.

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Need a medical escort home?

Cover back to Australia if a medical practitioner requires you to be medically escorted home due to a sudden illness or injury that happens on your trip.

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This is a brief summary only for full terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions read our policy wording

Motorcycle and scooter riding travel insurance FAQs

Do I need a license?

Yes. The TID policy requires you to be licenced to ride a motorcycle in Australia and hold a valid licence for the country you are in.

Am I covered if I hire a motorbike for just one day?

Yes, as long as you meet the license requirements. Whether you hire a moped just for the day, are on an organised motorcycle tour or if you've organised a tour on your own, the same license requirements apply.

Does it cost extra to cover motorcycle riding?

No, TID does not charge additional premium to cover riding a motorcycle. As long as you meet the license requirements it is covered as a standard part of our policy.

Do you have a limit on the engine size?

You can ride a motorcycle that is the same capacity you’re licenced to ride. If your licence restricts the engine size you can ride then you'll need to stick to that when you are away.

Read the policy wording for full terms, conditions and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.

Common motorcycle and scooter riding myths busted

  • Travel insurance covers the damage to the motorcycle or scooter itself: False
  • I don't need to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or scooter overseas: False
  • Rental vehicle insurance excess covers my motorcycle or scooter: False
  • Travel insurance covers me for motorcycle and scooter rental scams: False

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