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Overseas Travel Insurance

Itching to get overseas? TID is too!

While we wait for restrictions to ease around the world, we have temporarily given our international travel insurance plans a break. These include The Works, The Basics and Annual Multi Trip plans. For now, you can get cover for travel in your own backyard and start planning your Aussieland adventure with our Domestic plan which is still available.

Keep an eye on the website for when our international plans are up and running and we’ll do our best to alert all of our keen travellers.

Can’t wait to head overseas?

We’ve partnered with nib who can offer international travel insurance. You can compare the plans at nib to choose the coverage that’s right for you.

Learn more about nib

Before you head over to nib, please be aware that TID is giving you information on the availability of nib products only. We cannot give advice or recommend nib products. Any information from TID, via email or on our website, is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion from us about the nib products. Travel Insurance Direct is a related entity of nib Travel Insurance Distribution Pty Ltd.