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Group Travel Insurance Questions & Answers

How many people can I have on single policy?

You can have up two adults on a single policy. You can also include dependents on the policy as long as the meet our definition of a dependent.

Is there a discount for multiple policy purchases?

Fill out the form on this page to apply online for a discount, and one of our team members will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know if we can apply a discount for multiple policy purchases.

Why do we have to buy multiple policies?

Our policies only allow two adults per policy – there is no option to buy a large group policy.

Is it ok to have more than one policy for a large group?

Yes of course, you can take out as many policies as you like.

If there are 10 individual policies from one group and a claim needs to be made for everyone in relation to the same event, can we submit one claim?

No, you will need to submit a claim for each individual policy. 

Do you offer medical only on a group policy?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a policy offering one benefit only.

Can I buy a single policy for the entire group?

Unfortunately not, policies must be purchased in an individual’s name (you can have up to 2 adults per policy).

What if we all need to claim?

You will need to lodge a claim against every policy relating to the group, and will need to pay any applicable excess against those policies.

What if one person is paying for other people’s arrangements?

The person whose arrangements are affected will need to claim. Assuming the claim is paid, they can reimburse the person who paid for it. For example, Joe buys flights for himself, Jim, Jill, Jane and Janet, because he’s a super nice guy. At the last minute, Janet, who is on a different policy to Joe, needs to cancel her travel. Janet will need to claim against her own policy, and any payment will be made to her. Janet can then send the money to Joe.