Conditions We Don't Cover

Medical Conditions We Don't Cover

For information relating to policies purchased prior to 7 December 2017, please check the PDS provided with your purchase. You can contact us if you need this sent to you again.

If you have an existing medical condition that's not listed as automatically covered or you don't satisfy all criteria for any listed condition, we will not cover you for any claim arising from or attributable to that condition.

You can still buy a policy with us if you have one of these conditions; however, any claims which arise in relation to this condition will be excluded.

This means, for example, that for claims arising from or relating to an existing medical condition that is not automatically covered we will not pay:

  • your medical expenses whatsoever;
  • your evacuation or repatriation;
  • your trip cancellation or rearrangement costs; nor
  • any out of pocket expenses or additional expenses.

If you have an unlisted condition, you are welcome to contact nib Travel Insurance who offer a screening for existing medical conditions. Assessment of your existing medical condition is available online during the quote process or over the phone. You may ring 1300 410 272 to be assessed; just have details of your medical history ready when you call.

What if I develop a medical condition after buying my policy but before I travel?

If you develop a new medical condition (or the symptoms of one) after you buy your policy but before you depart on your trip, you must check with your medical practitioner for written confirmation that you're fit to travel. If you don't get your medical practitioner's written confirmation before you travel, and/or are unfit to travel due to your medical condition, you won't be covered for any claim that arises either directly or indirectly from that condition if you still travel. Don't forget, if you had symptoms of a condition or were undergoing investigations for it at the time you bought your policy, we consider that to be an existing medical condition.

Existing medical conditions - close relatives

Cover is available to you when your travel plans are interrupted when a close relative is hospitalised or dies unexpectedly in Australia or New Zealand as a result of a sudden illness or serious injury arising from their existing medical condition(s). Your close relative must be residing in Australia or New Zealand at the time and not travelling with you on any part of your trip.

At the time of the policy issue, you had to have been unaware of the likelihood of such hospitalisation or death.

The most we will pay in respect of all claims arising from the existing medical condition of a close relative under all sections of the policy combined is $2,000 for a single policy and $4,000 for a family policy.

Existing medical conditions - other people

We will not pay for claims made under this policy which arise from an existing medical condition suffered by people other than those named on the Certificate of Insurance or for a close relative as noted above.

This article was written by Travel Insurance Direct.

Full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions are available in the PDS.

Last updated: 19 July 2019

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