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What are the best travel apps?

We had some great entries in our recent ‘Win an iPhone 5’ competition. We asked you to tell us what’s your favourite travel app and why. The comp coincided with the launch of our new app, Tripwise, and we had hundreds of entries that told us how terrific Tripwise is – here’s one:

Overall your favourite apps fell into a few key categories so we thought we’d share with you what TIDers love and recommend.

Trip advisor

This tried, tested and trusted travel site was nominated by far the most. Its extensive reviews, recommendations  and forums by real travellers are highly valued by TID customers.

Travel itineraries, trip trackers

Who would have thought an app could create, organise and manage your travel itinerary? The followings apps were hugely popular:

  • Tripit: ‘because it conveniently organises the most complex of trips, so that you can focus on the important things – like enjoying the holiday!’
  • Triposo: provides detailed travel guides downloaded to your iPhone, accessible without internet or cellular network. Also includes a very helpful currency converter, weather and language guide.
  • Kayak: ‘Keeps track of all trips and updates when changes are made. Covers flights, accommodation and car rental.’
  • FlightBoard: allows you to see the status of all flights and be aware of any delays, so you don’t waste time at the airport.  ‘When you are sprinting to catch a connecting flight, you want to ensure you are running to the right gate!’

Booking apps

  • airbnb: ‘When you are stuck for a room anywhere airbnb can help you find good safe affordable accommodation and meet fantastic people.’
  • Skyscanner:  ‘Fantastic for finding a cheap flight from where I am to anywhere. Perfect for exploring on a whim!’
  • Agoda: ‘It not only suggests great accommodation, but also has great suggestions from others on where to go and what to do.’
  • Hipmunk: ‘Who can resist the charms of a flying chipmunk offering you cheapest deals and flights with the least agony?’

Wifi and connectivity

One of the challenges of travelling overseas is finding free wifi so you can use your smartphone without racking up huge data roaming charges and spending a fortune on text messages.

  • Wifi finder: ‘It can locate free WiFi hot spots worldwide and keep that phone bill down.’
  • WhatsApp: ‘My best friend when travelling as I can send messages, voice clips, video and photos from wifi and share the world.’


Good food can make or break a trip – who hasn’t traipsed over town looking for that great restaurant the locals love or ummed and aahed over which restaurant looks like less of a gamble?

  • Urbanspoon: ‘absolutely sensational for anyone with a hunger for great food anywhere anytime’.
  • Foodspotting: ‘Every place has a certain aroma created by the local food. I use foodspotting to help me find where that delicious smell comes from.’
  • Happy Cow: ‘as a vegetarian it’s often difficult to find good, appropriate places to eat when travelling abroad.’


  • Disneyland wait times app: You may have to psyche up to tackle Disneyland but this app ‘let us plan our time more efficiently from our phone, rather than wasting time at each ride.’
  • Baby karaoke: ‘The kids can sing their socks off on a long road trip which gives us some peace (in a funny way)!’

Translation tools

Speaking even a little of the language is a great way to connect with the locals.

  • SayHi Translate: ‘The cheat’s way to communicate in native tongue! Awkward failed attempts at flirting with hot French guys are a thing of the past!’
  • Google Translate: ‘Ensures that I order scrambled eggs not roasted snakes, and that I don’t get on a school bus by mistake (true story).’
  • Itranslate: ‘Not only does it translate English to over 30 foreign languages but it works vice versa as well!’ ‘It’s like having a interpreter in your pocket.’


  • Citymaps2go: Get maps offline without having to rely on buying a local sim or using roaming data.
  • Google Maps: ‘Google Maps literally saved my life while on holiday in Southern Africa during local unrest in Zimbabwe, avoiding the riots and fatalities.’
  • MapsWithMe

And a couple of others that caught our attention:

  • Toiletfinder or Toilet Mate: when you got to go, you gotta go!
  • BroadwayBox: ‘Amazing discounts to so many great shows when I was in New York. It’s a must have.’


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