When’s the best time to buy flights for 2019?

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Holidays and bargains are two words that are rarely said in the same sentence. However, bagging a flight to an amazing holiday destination at a great price no longer has to be the stuff of dreams thanks to Travel Insurance Direct. We’ve worked hard to uncover the best time to land the best-priced airfares, ready for your upcoming travel adventure.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Discover the best times to book a flight.Spending time researching when to book your next flight could save you a lot of money.

Best time to book international flights

Leading online travel agent Skyscanner unveiled its latest research into the best time to book online flights. This comes after revelations that 75 per cent of Australians miss out on the best flight bargains and end up paying up to 30 per cent more than the average airfare (Skyscanner data).

Each and every month, thousands and thousands of Aussies embark on whirlwind international adventures. According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data, Indonesia, the US and the UK are the top three most visited international destinations by Australians. While further away than local spots, Skyscanner discovered that hopeful holiday-makers can still enjoy cheaper airfares if booked at the right time:

  • London: Five weeks in advance = average savings of 5 per cent.
  • Bali: 24 weeks in advance = average savings of 6 per cent.
  • Los Angeles: 23 weeks in advance = 7 per cent.

On average, booking 22 weeks in advance was found to be the time that generated the best deals, depending on location.

Find out how to find the best airfare deals.The money you save on your next flight could be your spending money!

Best time to book a domestic flight

The same Skyscanner research revealed that, on average, domestic flights within Australia are best booked 21 weeks in advance when wanting to secure the best deal. However, they also discovered that 42 per cent of Australian passengers would only book domestic flights less than two months before – a time when such flights begin to peak!

On the ‘Best-Time-To-Book’ app, passengers can type in their domestic destination to view when they can land the best deals. For example, from Sydney to Melbourne, the app reveals that booking five months in advance can generate average savings of 18 per cent!

42 per cent of Australian passengers only book domestic flights less than two months before – a time when such flights begin to peak!

Top tips to save on flight prices

Looking for more smart ways to save? Here are three other things to consider when booking your domestic or international flights:

1. Shop around: If you prefer consulting a travel agent in person, always get more than one opinion. Shopping around will leave you with many quotes to mull over and see which has the best price and dates suited to you and your plans!

2. Use flight points where possible: Chances are, you may have been racking up a considerable amount of flight points when using a credit card or shopping at stores. Such points can sometimes be put towards money off flights which is a great way to save.

3. Look out for flash sales: Signing up to reputable flight vendors is a great way to be the first to know about flash sales and deals. These can come at any time of the year so it pays to keep one eye locked on your inbox!

As well as locking in a great airfare, ensuring yourself and your belongings are protected is another crucial factor. This is where we come in. Our comprehensive travel insurance policies have a variety of inclusions to ensure you can spend more time enjoying your holiday and less time worrying. Get in touch with the team today to find out more.


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