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One thing most TID travellers never leave home without is their mobile phone. Whether it’s for taking photos, texting friends back home, checking directions or booking last minute accommodation, smartphones have become an integral part of travel.

TID customer Wayne Shephard is no exception. He takes his iPhone on holidays and carries it with him wherever he goes. So when he found himself helping rescue another tourist after a boating mishap on the popular Phi Phi island, it spelt disaster for his phone, which was tucked inside his pocket.

Wayne and about 40 other tourists had taken a day trip from Phuket and as they were getting off the boat onto the beach, a big wave suddenly flipped the boat onto its side. One woman was stuck inside and got slammed into the window. As Wayne and some fellow passengers tried to right the boat and come to her rescue, another wave knocked them over.

Getting soaked

“The wave drenched me. I got completely soaked and the salt water killed my phone and my camera, which was also in my pocket, straight away,” Wayne explains. “I tried to dry out the phone in the sun but it didn’t work. I took the memory card out of the camera immediately and managed to save it.”

Wayne is a frequent traveller and says he normally takes out travel insurance “just for peace of mind.” He wasn’t sure that his damaged phone and camera would be covered under his TID policy but the tour operator gave him a letter explaining what had happened so that he could submit a claim.

Does travel insurance cover your mobile phone?

TID’s policy covers permanent loss, theft or accidental damage for mobile phones up to the value of $700 and up to $4000 for cameras on The Works and Annual Multi plan and $2,000 on The Basics plan. Depending on the circumstances, TID will either repair or replace the property, or pay its value in cash after allowing for wear, tear and depreciation.

Wayne is very happy that he received a payout for his damaged property and while depreciation means the payment didn’t cover the full cost of new gear, he says it “softened the blow considerably. I was in complete understanding of the depreciation and it was fair and reasonable.” And Wayne’s in no doubt that his travel insurance policy was “money well spent.”

Full terms, conditions and exclusions are available in the PDS.


TID is an Australian online travel insurance company.


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