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Whether you’re man, woman or child, we can all agree that one of the best parts of travelling is being exposed to shopping that we wouldn’t otherwise get to experience in Australia. From high-end fashion brands, to toy stores and suit tailors – there’s a whole world of shopping out there waiting to be expensed, I mean, experienced.

And with TID’s Travel Money Card providing access to 10 different currencies on one card, shopping your way around the world has never been easier.

So load up and get ready to shop till you drop in these 10 destinations from around the world.

1. The Grove, Los Angeles

The Grove in Los Angeles is to adults what Disneyland is to children – awe-inspiring. This 53,400 m2 premises is literally a one-stop shop. If the brand exists, you’ll find it at The Grove, along with animated fountains, a 14-screen movie theatre and an internal transit system for getting around.

From American classics such as Nordstrom and a two-storey GAP, through to the British flagship stores of Topshop and Topman, you can spend all day, all night and all your $US in this shopping mecca. Head there over Christmas and you’ll even be treated to faux snow flurries and the biggest Christmas Tree in LA.

2. Barcelona Shopping Line, Barcelona

Not only is Barcelona a cultural and architectural playground, it boasts some of the best shopping in the Eurozone. Spain is the home of Zara, after all. Start your spree on Diagonal, a glitzy and alluring boulevard lined with all the leading fashion brands, before wandering down Eixample into the heart of The Old Town. Here, you’ll find the mazes of La Rambla, the Raval and the Gothic Quarter where you’ll spend up your Euros in a mix of traditional and modern shops from local and international designers.

3. Stroget, Copenhagen

While the Danish Krone isn’t included on the TID Travel Money Card, the conversion from $AUD or £GBP is usually quite favourable. This can make shopping in the capital city of Copenhagen a blast, especially considering the city is home to the longest pedestrian shopping street in the world – Stroget. Ladened with top-tier designers, budget labels and Danish modern design stores, this 1.5km pedestrian-only shopping strip will see you literally walk into a new wardrobe.

4. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

A visit to Hong Kong is not complete without shopping to your heart’s content at Causeway Bay. If you want to experience the pulse and crush of Hong Kong, this is the place to go. Hong Kong’s answer to Times Square, this built-up and lit-up epicentre for shopping is consumerism paradise.

From mid-priced goods to luxury brands, and every quirky kitchen store in between, you’ll need at least a day of your itinerary just to scrape the top of this shopping hot spot.

5. West Edmonton Mall, Canada

Why just visit a mall when you can visit an amusement park, water park and golf course at the same time? Welcome to the West Edmonton Mall in Canada, packed with 800 stores and enough parking for 20,000 vehicles. This complex isn’t just about shopping, however. West Edmonton Mall is a small city, where they’ve thought of everything. Need a break from spending your Canadian toonies and loonies? Head to the indoor aquarium. Or the water park. Or the indoor ice rink. And once you’re done, you can kick up your heels and rest your head at the mall’s one-of-a-kind luxury hotel – FantasyLand.

6. Floating Markets, Bangkok

Alright, enough with the shopping mall meccas. Let’s discuss something equally as important – food – and there’s no better place than the Bangkok Floating Markets in Thailand. Take some Baht cash and prepare to eat your way to gastronomic happiness. Here you’ll find a fantastic sampling of local cuisines and ready-to-drink coconuts straight off the boats that float their way up and down the canals. Stick to food that you can see being cooked in front of you, and be careful eating fresh fruit or vegetables which may have been washed in unclean water. A dose of Bangkok Belly is the last thing you need.

7. Mapletree Vivo City, Singapore

You can’t get much bigger or brighter than Mapletree Vivo City in Singapore. This multi-purpose mega mall sports over 1 million square feet of retail space, along with the largest cinema and biggest Toys’R Us store in Singapore. Fashion outlets, beauty bars, shoe stores, jewellers, and pretty much every other merchant you can think of is housed in this seven-storey complex. Dust off your TID Travel Card as you’re about to spend some serious Singapore Dollar.

8. Harajuku, Japan

Mix a little culture in with your shopping by exploring the neighbourhood that brought us the colourful crazy fashions of the Harajuku girls. Tokyo’s Harajuku is the epicentre of Japan’s unmistakable teen fashion, and while the shopping isn’t for everyone, you’ll certainly find something to at least Instagram. Well-known retailers abound but this is the place to shop your way through the odd and absurd, from outlandish thrifting in Dog to the cheap and cheerful Daiso Harajuku where nothing costs over ¥100.

9. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

This wouldn’t be a shopping hit list without the original shopping centre, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. One of the oldest and largest indoor market places, the Grand Bazaar is one of the most visited tourist destinations for a reason. Sporting 61 streets and 3,000 stalls, there’s no end to the ornate and original treasures you can find here, including Turkish textiles, ceramics, copper, jewellery and food. Keep your wits about you as the Bazaar can be crowded and overwhelming, making it a pickpocket’s paradise.

10. London

When it comes to London, we can’t cull it down to just one unmissable shopping location. As Napoleon said, England is a ‘nation of shopkeepers’ and hundreds of years later, he’s still on the money. Or the pound, so to speak. London is a melting pot of shopping options – from the wellknown complexes of Selfridges and Harrods where you’ll find classic brands and labels, the fashionable odds and ends you’ll pick up on Portobello Rd of a Saturday morning, and foods you didn’t know existed at the Borough Market. Our two tips – take more £GBP than you think you’ll need, and a spare suitcase just to be safe.


Kristen Hyde is a freelance wordsmith from Sydney who now lives in London because she heard the weather was awesome. You can follow her adventures in ol’ Blighty at Where in the World is KH. For more instantaneous updates of her travels, what she eats, and what she sees on the Tube, you can follow her on Instagram.


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