How to stay safe during festival season

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Planning on attending a music festival this summer? You’re not alone. Around 57 per cent of Australians attend live music events each year, making music the biggest art form in the country, according to the Australian Government.

Find out how you can have an unforgettable time for all the right reasons by following these safety tips.

Find out how you can stay safe at music festivals.Getting ready for festival season? Learn how you can stay safe.

1. Drink plenty – water, that is!

While drinking alcohol is a predominant part of the music festival experience for many, when attending summer festivals, it’s important to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration in high temperatures. The human body is made up of 60 per cent water and must maintain this level in order to stay healthy and functioning. If you fail to replace fluids lost throughout the day, you can run into serious difficulties.

Thankfully, many music festivals in Australia have various free and clean water stations dotted around the grounds. This enables festival-goers to stay hydrated at all times.

Simply carry an empty drinking vessel with you to stay on top of fluid intake. After all, keeping topped up with water can be the difference between dancing all day or spending the day in the medical tent!

When attending summer festivals, it’s important to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration in those high temperatures.

2. Keep an eye on your drinks

“Let me buy you a drink” might seem like an extremely thoughtful thing to say, especially if they’re a stranger. However nice this gesture may seem, not everyone has a nice intent behind their generosity.

That’s because some people use this token as a way to spike drinks. In this instance, victims can become drowsy, lose inhibitions and become prone to robbery and sexual assault.

Avoid falling victim by keeping all drinks in sight and not accepting drinks from strangers. Better yet, plastic lids are available for purchase which slot over standard pint-sized cups for even more protection.

Find out how to stay safe at music festivals.When attending a music festival, always keep an eye on your drinks.

3. Find strength in numbers

Whether there’s four or 14 of you, it pays to have a tight-knit and trusted posse of people that you can stick with throughout your festival experience.

Some of Australia’s most popular music festivals are extremely large in stature, such as Bluesfest.

This roots and blues music festival boasts a whopping 120 hectares of land! While this is great for exploring, with 100,000 attendees, it’s incredibly easy to get separated from friends. Instead of wasting your festival experience looking for your friends, partner up with someone in your group at all times. This will ensure you can maximise your fun in the sun and feel safe at the same time!

4. Avoid bringing valuables

When attending a music festival, no matter the size, it pays to leave the valuables at home – quite literally. While they may look good, bringing watches, expensive jewellery and large cameras is a recipe for disaster. Not only can they get lost, they can also get stolen. Thinking of putting a lock on your tent? Think again. This tactic gives the impression that there is something inside worth protecting, and therefore worth stealing.

Instead, leave the important valuables at home, and what you do need to bring, keep on your person at all times in a secure bag.

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