Perusing the beautiful country of Peru

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Peru is home to some of the most quintessential South American experiences, as well as some of the most unique sightseeing you’ll probably ever do in your life!

Don’t believe us? Well come on – we’ll show you why a trip to Peru should be next on your travel bucket list!

1. Machu Picchu 

This is THE South American experience – it’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World, after all. Stepping onto these sacred grounds, you can almost feel yourself being transported back into ancient civilizations. Purchase your ticket ahead of time as the site receives tonnes of visitors each day. And be sure to take the Inca Rail, as this journey goes right through the Sacred Valley countryside which is another must-see sight of Peru.

2. Arequipa

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Arequipa is one of the most picture-perfect cities in South America. It’s set in the middle of three gorgeous volcanoes in the country’s Southern Coastal region. In just one shot you can see a palm tree and a volcano – it’s truly unique. The city itself has influence from Spanish colonial architecture as well as a nod to its indigenous roots making for a charming community. Arequipa is also right near the Colca Canyon, so it’s ideal for adventurers.

3. Rainbow Mountain

Now this is a sight you have to see with your own two eyes. The mountain is striped with unbelievable colours (like lavender, turquoise and gold) that look as if they’ve actually been painted on the mountainside. Rainbow Mountain can be a difficult one to find as it requires several days of hiking, but if you’re up for the challenge then you can be one of the few to say they’ve conquered this feat!

Once you’re done with the hike, head back to Cusco (the capital of the historic Inca Empire) and enjoy some of the liveliest culture in the country.

Staying safe in Peru

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Peru is a safe country as long as you’re aware of certain precautions before you go. Here are three useful tips!

Be aware of your surroundings

Locals know that the historic sites like Machu Picchu are a major tourist attraction, and as such can attempt to take advantage of unsuspecting visitors. The best way to stay safe is to simply be aware of your surroundings and your valuables. Travel in groups – or better yet, in a guided tour group – in areas like the Inca trail, as travellers have been subjected to robbery on the more remote parts of the trail. If you can, keep your valuables at home in a safe place.

Watch out for crooked cabbies

This happens all over the world, but sometimes, tourists hail a cab only to find out that their cab driver is trying to take them for more than a literal ride. Taking the ‘scenic route’ or having a ‘broken meter’ are all not-so clever ways cab drivers will try to get extra money from you. Additionally, make sure if you’re getting a cab it’s a licensed taxi, as other unmarked cars could be up to no good. Have your hotel or restaurant order you a cab from a service they trust. Take that number so you can use it wherever you are.

Watch your drinks

The nightlife in Peru is absolutely class, but you do have to be mindful of your drinks, and who is giving them to you. It’s always best practice to avoid accepting drinks from strangers unless you’re sure they aren’t tampered with. Remember that official taxi number you just got from your concierge? Call that to get you a safe ride home – don’t try to walk home, especially alone.


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