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National Parks of the American South West

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Death Valley National Park

Known as one of the hottest places on earth, temperatures in Death Valley can fluctuate drastically between day and night. During this photoshoot at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes the temperature was still hovering at 47 degrees celsius – at 5pm.

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Grand Canyon National Park

Nothing can mentally prepare you for the scale of the Grand Canyon. At over a mile deep, it’s possible to get up close and personal and within inches from the canyon’s edge. The best sunset viewpoint is at Yavapai Point and sunrises are best viewed from Desert View Point.

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Canyonlands National Park

From deep and vein like canyons, to towering spires, Canyonlands National Park is incredibly diverse in its geological makeup, offering varying degrees of adventure and discovery. Split into four distinct sections by the Colorado River, three days should be sufficient to explore this jewel of Utah. For those in the mood for an adventurous hike, try the Chesler Park hike which is a 4 hour round trip.

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Arches National Park

Although just a stones throw from Canyonlands National Park, the landscape of Arches National Park could not be any different to its neighbour. Within the park are over 2,000 natural stone arches, that are a result of thousands of years of erosion. With many trails to explore, the best time of the year to visit outside of peak season, when the park is heavily congested.

Photo credit Getty/Thanan

Colorado National Monument

Independence Monument (centre right), is the main attraction at Colorado National Monument, located near the city of Grand Junction. It is one of the many rock formations that exist as a result of natural erosion. Home to many species of mountain goat, coyotes and birdlife, Colorado National Monument is best seen by car along the 23 mile Rim Rock Drive which itself, is considered as a feat of engineering and will power when construction was completed in 1950.

Photo credit Getty/Ronda Kimbrow Photography


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