Indonesia- seasonality and weather

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What are the peak periods?

Although Indonesia is made up of 17,000 islands, the nation welcomed over 1.2 million Australian tourists alone in 2016, according to a Traveller study. Many opt to visit between mid June and mid September when the climate remains consistently pleasant. Christmas and New Year also sees an influx of visitors due to the Australian holiday periods falling at this time. Travellers can expect to pay increased accommodation prices and find tourist areas heavily populated.

What is the weather like throughout the year?

Due to being in such close proximity to the equator, Indonesia experiences moderate tropical weather all year round, with two main seasons taking centre stage – wet and dry. The wet season typically runs from around October to April, with a few exceptions depending on where you are. Heavy rainfall can take place from noon and last up until mid afternoon.


Although it’s called the dry season, the chance of experiencing no rain is still a slim one, due to the tropical climate. Between the months of April and October is when the weather is pleasant with less humidity.

Getting around

What is the most cost effective way to get around?

Trains are a cheap, cost effective and easy way to get around the island of Java. Linking the main cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Solo and Yogyakarta, travellers can see popular destinations efficiently. The only other island with train transport is that of Sumatra. Both use the national train service of Kereta Api. You can purchase tickets on the spot at places called ‘lokets’ or online up to 90 days in advance. An average railway journey from Jakarta to Bandung can cost around 100,000 Rupiah (IDP) (AU$9.42), but it depends on when you plan to travel.


Ferries connect Indonesia’s many islands and depart throughout the day for ultimate convenience. However, relatively cheap flights that save a considerable amount of time have become increasingly popular. A flight from Bali to Jakarta will typically cost around 500,000 Rupiah (AU$51).

Driving in Indonesia

Renting a car in Indonesia is a popular choice for many tourists as it allows for more flexibility and freedom. You can find many car hire companies in the main areas of Bali, Jakarta and Sumatra. Prices may vary, but typically will cost around 100,000IDR per day (AU$9.42). All drivers will have to present a valid international driving licence to qualify for a rental car. This is also the case for hiring a motorcycle or scooter, too.


Indonesian roads are notorious for being congested and fairly dangerous at times so the utmost care must be taken when driving.




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