How to see Australia’s highlights from the comfort of your couch

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Now that Australia is opening back up, some of you might be looking for a bit of inspiration to scratch that holiday itch. With domestic travel looking to be the only option for the foreseeable, we thought we’d whet your appetite with a few of Oz’s best bits so that you can start putting those at-home travel itineraries together. So whether you need inspiration for your post-lockdown travel agenda, want to brush up on your cultural knowledge or just want to see some cute and cuddly critters, we’ve rounded up the top virtual tours and experiences from across Australia to help you plan your dream holiday in our very own Oz.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Virtual Tour

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
If you’ve always fancied a trip to the outback but have never been too keen on the wilderness/no home comforts/snakes and spiders side of things, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park has got you covered. With their 360 virtual park tours you can take a look round the magnificent Uluru (Ayers rock) and Katu Tjuta…without the actual trekking in the wilderness part.

Sydney Highlights Virtual Tour

Sydney Opera House

Take a virtual ferry into our country’s biggest city and embark on a tour round the bucket list sites with’s virtual offering. Featuring visitor favourites like the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and some of the city’s best parks and gardens you’ll be spoilt for choice. Sunset at the Harbour Bridge without hordes of people? That’s a winner if you ask us.

Great Barrier Reef Virtual Tour

The Great Barrier Reef

You’ve been missing David Attenborough’s dulcet tones soothing you through your screen, you’ll love this next one. Dave’s joined up with Atlantic Digital to bring you a guided tour of or very own natural world wonder, the Great Barrier Reef. With weather maps, videos, awesome photos and even virtual diving, there’s hours of underwater fun to be had. Snorkelling mask optional.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Virtual Tour

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Get cosy and virtually cuddle up with our cutest critter – the Koala! Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary are streaming 8 different live feeds while their doors are closed, so you can watch the Koalas eat, sleep and stack up in 4-bear group hugs. They also have a library of videos featuring dingos, reptiles, platypus and more. All the animal fun you could want and the perfect way to keep the kids entertained for the day!

National Gallery of Victoria Virtual Tour

National Gallery of Victoria

For the art afficionados amongst you, the National Gallery of Victoria has a wealth of virtual tours which take you through their world-renowned exhibitions. These aren’t the only way to get your creative fix, however. The gallery website also houses audio stories and soundscapes, blog pieces on the gallery’s seminal works, photos of artworks and even an online magazine. If that isn’t enough to keep you occupied on a laid-back afternoon, we don’t know what is.

Twelve Apostles Virtual Tour

The Twelve Apostles

Take a trip along the Great Ocean Road to visit some of Australia’s greatest ocean scenery. The Twelve Apostles stand, magnificent, in the Pacific Ocean and
to get between them is usually quite a trek. No need to strap on those walking shoes with this virtual tour, though, you’ll be getting the helicopter view.

Australian National Surfing Museum Virtual TourAustralian National Surfing Museum

The perfect one for surf inspiration for your next trip to Torquay in Victoria, the Australian National Surfing Museum has an entire online archive of their best material for all you surf nerds. Read the stories of your favourite surf legends and get some board design gear inspiration by taking a deep dive into their memorabilia archive. ANSM will have you prepped for your raddest ride yet by the time you get back in the water.

Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum has 6 virtual tours on offer, allowing you to go on a journey through Australia’s natural history highlights. They also have tons of fun activities to keep kids entertained and even an online gift shop (the best part of any museum, in our opinion).

Macquarie Island Virtual Tour

Macquarie Island

Marine Biology enthusiasts can take a trip southwards to virtually visit the Macquarie Island Research Centre. Their 360 tours allow you to learn about how people live and work on this sub-antarctic island while the live lookout cams allow you a peek at Penguins, Albatross and, if you’re lucky, the Aurora Australis.

Western Australia Symphony Orchestra

Western Australia Symphony Orchestra

If you’re tired of seeing your colleagues’ bored faces and slightly messy lounges over video call, take a look at how the West Australia Symphony Orchestra are putting the format to use. They’ve Zoomed in from all across the world to virtually record some cracking quaran-tunes and show off their best musical talent. Luckily, no one muted themselves by mistake!

There you have it, TID’s roundup of Oz’s best virtual tours and experiences. Now all you need to do is get that diary out and start planning!


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