Holiday destinations that require you to have travel insurance

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With your bags packed, passport ready and itinerary confirmed, you’re ready to go on the holiday of a lifetime, right? Well, not quite.

Having comprehensive travel insurance can ensure that you’re protected against a range of circumstances – however, there are some destinations that actually require you have it.

Here are five countries where travel insurance is an important addition to your suitcase!


The Caribbean nation of Spanish-colonial architecture and retro 1950s cars down every street. Although Cuba’s beaches and warm weather draw thousands of Australian tourists to the country every year, did you know that to explore the history of Havana, you need travel insurance?

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Smart Traveller states that you must be able to present insurance documentation at the border to enter Cuba – otherwise you’ll be forced to buy expensive local insurance at the airport. In fact, if you’re travelling with someone over 70 years of age and together plan to participate in the various high-risk adventure sports and activities on offer, they will need additional insurance from Cuban insurance provider Asistur.

It’s important to note that most travellers travel to Cuba via the United States, another nation where insurance is considered very important, as you’ll read below.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Over recent years, the UAE has been transformed from sandy desert to modern metropolis – it’s more than just a transit point on the way to Europe. If you want to climb the Burj Khalifa, check out The Dubai Mall or walk around the Palm Jumeirah, it’s vital to remember that insurance is mandatory – as cited by Smart Traveller.

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Due to the high cost of health care for foreigners, this rule ensures that you’re not faced with large bills should something happen during your holiday.


Cheap drinks, hot temperatures and sunny beaches – there’s a lot to love about Thailand and its countless island paradises. However, as one of the most expensive travel destinations in terms of Australians injuring themselves or getting into trouble, the nation is planning to make comprehensive travel insurance mandatory.

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The team at Travel Insurance Direct can ensure you have the right cover regardless of the duration of your stay and age.


Greece is one of the 26 countries that make up the Schengen Area where Australians can enjoy visa-free travel for three months. However, as a condition of entry, you must have a comprehensive travel insurance policy. We mention Greece in particular because it has no minimum age for consumption of alcohol and the nation is well-known for its nightlife in port cities and in the islands.

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As a precaution to avoid being refused entry to the Schengen Area and having to pay expensive medical bills, travel insurance should be your best friend when exploring Central Europe.


It’s important to talk about why you need travel insurance when going to the United States. So, it’s not compulsory, but highly recommended with medical costs extremely high compared to back in Australia.

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For example, check out these numbers from the International Federation of Health Plans, published by the Commonwealth Fund. If you were to need bypass surgery while in the United States and you didn’t have travel insurance, it could cost you around $75,000. If this occurred in Australia under the same circumstances, the procedure would cost around $42,000. The United States is certainly a nation where travel insurance can save you a lot of money!

Before you leave for holiday, be sure to have the right travel insurance in your back pocket. For more information, contact the team at TID today


TID is an Australian online travel insurance company.

Travel Alert: Cover is not available for loss arising from government restrictions including travel bans, border closures and broadly imposed quarantine requirements, or failure to follow government advice. If your travel is affected by government restrictions, we have options available if you no longer need your policy. See our travel alerts.


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