Season of the strike

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As the thermostat starts dropping in the Southern Hemisphere Aussie travellers inevitably start looking north to escape the cold. For many the destination of choice is Europe.

Just as the tourist season there kicks into high gear, there’s another season of sorts that’s about to see a spike in activity too – the season of strikes and industrial action across Europe.

During a period when tourists pump billions of Euros into countries across the continent, unions see the European summer as an ideal time to go on strike in order to negotiate the best deal for their members.

Strike season kicked off a little earlier than usual this year with the Greek Air Traffic Controllers Union signalling (pardon the pun) their intention of going on strike.

If the past few years are anything to go by, the situation is only set to get worse with unions across Spain, Germany, France and the UK among others sure to follow suit in the months to come.

Cover yourself

If you are impacted by one of these strikes and need to rearrange your travel and accommodation arrangements, your travel insurance can cover the expenses you are out of pocket for, ensuring your wallet doesn’t take a substantial hit.
However, you need to have purchased your travel insurance policy before the strike or industrial action was announced and became a known event.

You’ve worked hard to squirrel away all that annual leave and holiday money, so don’t let industrial action on the other side of the world leave you out of pocket on your holiday.

How to make a claim

Should the worst happen and you are unfortunate enough to be impacted by an actual strike, you can simply submit a claim online by clicking here. The video will take you through simple process of submitting a claim with TID.

Read the PDS for full terms, conditions and exclusions.

Grab a quick quote for your European getaway below!



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