Cruising safe and sound

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Popularity of cruises among Aussies has skyrocketed in the last few years. You’d be hard pressed to go past a port in a major city and not find one of these floating behemoths docked with thousands of passengers busily disembarking or boarding.

With stories in the media ranging from outbreaks of gastro on board to ships tragically sinking, some people have rightfully asked ‘how safe are cruises?’

The typical cruise ship carries anywhere from 2-3 thousand passengers (and that’s excluding the staff which usually number around the 1 thousand+). With so many people packed into close quarters a simple case of gastro or norovirus can quickly become an outbreak. There are some precautions which can be taken to reduce the likelihood of you getting crook, ensure you always use hand sanitiser or thoroughly wash your hands, especially before you eat.  It’s the simple things that are the most effective.


With modern cruise ships being so large and well balanced fortunately cases seasickness are few and far between. However the Ocean can be temperamental and at times despite technological advancements you could be in for a bumpy ride. There are several over the counter seasickness medications available to help alleviate this.

Sea safety

There have been a few high profile cases like the Costa Concordia that raise questions about safety for cruise ships themselves. Like anything in life there are certainly dangers associated with it but the reality is the average Aussie is far more likely to be harmed simply driving their cars than in a cruise ship accident.

Medical treatment

Most cruise ships will have on board medical treatment however as they aren’t covered by Medicare you will need to pay for any treatment out of your own pocket. Travel insurance can be handy here, Travel Insurance Direct for example covers you for medical expenses on board a cruise ship. Travel insurance also covers you for medical evacuation by helicopter on the off chance you should need it.

If you are thinking of heading on a cruise grab a quick quote for travel insurance below.



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