What are the Christmas trends of New Zealand?

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Ah, spending Christmas on holiday. Even more exciting than running downstairs in your pyjamas (with or without an attendant hangover) and tearing open your presents on Christmas morn, celebrating December 25 is a whole new ball game in another country (and that ball game is undoubtedly rugby in New Zealand).

If you’re heading off to NZ for the festive period, you might well wonder what goes on in our neighbouring country during the holidays. Fear not – it’s not too different to what we Aussies get up to, but there are still a few things that you could find interesting. Here are a few of them.

Beach peach


Just like us Aussies, Christmas on the beach is a strong Kiwi tradition. Busting out the boardies and firing up the barbecue is a great way to spend Jesus’ birthday – what could be better than chomping down on a turkey sanger and topping up your tan before heading out to catch some waves? There are tons of awesome beaches across both the North and South Islands – all you have to do is take your pick, but don’t forget your Santa hat!

Additionally, all that glorious sunshine and beach perfection is well worth a quick selfie – if only to make your mates spending Christmas in the grey, dreary Northern Hemisphere that little bit more jealous!

Santa Parade

Across NZ, especially in the larger towns and cities, Santa Parades weave their way through the streets throughout December. This isn’t just a load of random Santa’s walking across town – though the big man is sure to make an appearance – rather, you’ll witness decorated floats, marching bands and entertainers winding through. Balloons, free sweets and flags are all par for the course, and the biggest cheer is reserved for when the bearded present-bearer himself shows up!

In the mood for food

Don’t worry. Even though we love feijoas and pavlova, they aren’t the only thing available to eat in New Zealand, as some would have you believe. At Christmas, the Kiwis serve up a storm, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to filling your belly over Yuletide. Traditional Christmas roasts (that’s turkey and ham), barbecues and beach picnics are always happening at Christmas, but it’s not just burgers and beers going down the hatch.

Salmon, venison and a host of vegetarian choices are often whipped up, and for dessert? Well, you can’t go wrong with a scoop of Hokey Pokey ice cream or an Anzac biscuit – one things for sure, you won’t be going hungry during your Kiwi Christmas!


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