Cheap flights for Christmas 2017? You’d better get your skates on!

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You’re running out of time to book the cheapest fares for Christmas travel this year.

Airfares are at the lowest for 30 years and in relative terms there’s never been a cheaper time to fly. Back in the 1950’s when Frank Sinatra sang “Come fly with me” there weren’t any takers – only the rich and famous could afford it. These days a trip to London costs as little as 2-weeks wages. But we always want to save a few dollars so travel expert Phil Sylvester from Travel Insurance Direct has been looking at the cheapest time to book for Christmas.

Cheap domestic flights.

Generally it’s always cheapest 5 months out from your departure date when you’ll save as much as 19%. This year there are some ridiculously cheap offers; Sydney to the Gold Coast on December 22nd for $34. That’s not a misprint, $34 with TigerAir. You probably have that in spare change in your car!

Tiger do the cheapest Perth for Christmas deal too, but you’ll have to go early December to early January. You’ll get there and back for exactly $300.

Cheap international flights

If you want to go to Europe for the Christmas markets you need to get moving. London, the hub for Europe for Aussies, is cheapest 25 weeks out (21 weeks if you’re in Brisbane). You’ll save 5% on the usual price.

If you aren’t in a hurry to get there, try for super cheap multi-stop flights that are not usually advertised anywhere. Spend the better part of a day in Manila on the way and you can get to London for $1001.

Save 5% on Sydney to Bangkok flights by booking 6 to 4 months ahead.

The 9-hour long direct flight is north of $1000, but if you don’t mind a stopover in Jakarta you can do it for $646.

LA (and on to NYC) you can save 9% by booking 4 months ahead.

How about New York for $1280 at Christmas? It’s with China Southern and goes by way of Beijing and Shanghai, but if you can bear the 40-hour trip it’s a bargain!

Top picks for where to spend Christmas

Take advantage of that cheap Perth flight and go west. Head on over to Rottnest Island for warm, crystal blue water and crayfish.

Malta because the Maltese have a wonderful tradition of displaying elaborately decorated nativity scenes in the windows or garage of their home. It’s quite a sight walking the streets admiring the handiwork – and feels really Christmas-ie.

Mexico. The strong Spanish-inspired Catholicism means they take the meaning of Christmas seriously, but it’s still warm enough to hit the beaches. Try San Miguel de Allende for it’s beautiful colonial Spanish architecture.

If you want a white Christmas head to Vermont, USA. Especially the town of Woodstock which has a pre-Christmas festival encompassing Norse traditions. Santa Claus and Vikings – awesome!

Don’t like the cold, head to Honolulu, Hawaii. Santa is dressed in board shorts during the month long Christmas lights display downtown.


Travel Insurance Direct and World Nomads author Phil Sylvester offers insights and advice to keep our customers safe and informed when they travel. With 20 year’s experience, Phil has turned his journalist’s eye to the things that could take the fun out of your holiday, researching issues and destinations that keep you informed so you can travel with confidence. He is also co-host of The World Nomads Travel Podcast.


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