Can I get travel insurance if I’m already travelling?

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You’ve just boarded the plane to set off on that dream holiday, I mean you can all but feel the sand on your toes and the cocktail in your hand. All of a sudden it hits you, you’ve packed your swimmers and sun tan lotion but you’ve forgotten to buy travel insurance.

Then you play out all the ‘what if’ scenarios in your head. What if you need medical treatment during your trip? What if you’re mugged for that fancy new iPhone walking back to the hotel at night? What if your luggage is lost during your holiday? Well fret not, unlike many other insurers TID allows you to buy a travel insurance policy even after you’ve started your holiday.

That’s because whilst we know you should buy travel insurance from the moment you start paying for your holiday, sometimes you can overlook it until you’re already on your way

How do I buy a policy once I’ve already started my trip?  

We get that insurance is last on this list, so we’ve made it easy. You can buy a policy anytime, it’s the same process. Simply get a quote here, select your options and as soon as you confirm payment we will email you with your Certificate of Insurance. If you prefer to have a chat with us, call us on +61 2 8263 0483 from overseas.

Is there a waiting period?

If you buy a policy after leaving your home and starting your trip, there is a 72-hour waiting period that applies to all benefits from the time we issue your Certificate of Insurance before cover begins

Can I claim straight away?

You can claim from the moment you are issued with your Certificate of Insurance. You can’t however claim for any incident or event that took place prior to the issue date and time on your Certificate of Insurance i.e. your policy starts 10am 5th March, you attempt to claim for medical expenses incurred 4th of March (the previous day).

A holiday without incident is the best kind of holiday, but if something happens to you or the people you love, we know it makes a big difference to be able to make one call and get help straight away.

So even if it travel insurance is the last thing on your mind, no matter where you are you can head to TID and check out what we cover and get yourself covered in 5 minutes.

For full term, conditions and exclusions read the PDS .

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