Around the world in 6 Halloween movies

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Love Halloween as much as a good horror flick?

Well we’ve rounded up the destinations where some of our favourite horror movies were filmed. Are they worthwhile visiting? Find out for yourself.

The Orphanage: Asturias, Spain

The main draw card of Asturias is it’s undiscovered remoteness – there’s hardly another traveller there! Which is fine if you want to hike the rugged mountains or stroll the windswept beaches alone…. But not so good if you run into trouble. Make sure you let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.

Jaws: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

A pretty benign place in summer (not withstanding mechanical sharks), but because it sticks out into the Atlantic it is prone to sudden weather changes, violent “noreasters”. Batten down the hatches when one strikes.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Los Angeles, California

The high school in the movie is actually in Silver Lake in central LA, just to the north-west of downtown.

It’s an area known for bars and restaurants. The only real danger if you visit is an overload o the “hipster” lifestyle.

The location for the creepy school interiors is in nearby Lincoln heights, just east of Downtown, and not quite so “hip” and worth visiting.

The Omen: London & Surrey, UK

The happy family iconic before Damien goes bad – that’s Hampstead Heath in north London. Lovely during the day, but a bit of a different proposition after dark. Police declared part of it a “no-go” area after dark in 2016 because of a series of knifepoint robberies.

The Ring: Tokyo, Japan

The original Japanese version, not the US remake, was filmed in several locations all over japan. But the scariest thing about the movie is how old you have to be to be to even know what a VHS tape is.

Dracula: Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is dotted with flower-filled meadows, friendly, laid-back towns, beautiful churches and drenched in sun all summer. There are no vampires.



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