20 Survival Tips for the Ultimate Schoolies Celebration

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Schoolies partying

Schools out, you aced your high school certificate (hopefully) and now you’re Schoolies bound. But while you don’t need to have Bear Grylls style skills to survive the week ahead, these 20 tips will help ensure you have a party worth remembering.

Preparing for Schoolies

  • 1. Graduate – To become a real Schoolie, you actually need to graduate. So keep your nose in those books until you’ve finished that final Chemistry exam.
  • 2. Chat to your parents – Let’s be honest, they’re probably terrified. So do them a favour – sit down, chat with them about the week that’s coming up and set some expectations (including how regularly you’re going to call them).
  • 3. Pack – We trust that you’re old enough to pack your bikini and your board shorts without being reminded, but make sure you think about some of the other things that might come in handy. Items such as insect repellent (especially if you’re off to Bali or Thailand), a small first aid kit and some drugs (and by that, we mean the good kind, like paracetamol and Berroca).
  • 4. Travel documents – Heading overseas? Make sure you buy your travel insurance and take photos of your passport and ID. Email these to yourself and your parents so there are multiple copies.
  • 5. Check your phone – Make sure you have enough phone credit for the week and confirm whether you’ll have access to reception or data if you’re heading overseas.

Getting to Schoolies

Schoolies celebrating

  • 6. Know where you’re going – Look up exactly where your hotel or accommodation is and how you’re going to get there.
  • 7. Check-in – When checking in, grab a couple of the hotel’s business cards or pamphlets and pop them in your bag or wallet. If you get lost or have trouble directing a taxi to your hotel, these can come in handy.
  • 8. Go shopping – Stock up on food, snacks and bottled water. Look for easy meals such as Cup-a-Soup and 2-Minute noodles; snacks such as muesli bars and pre-packed nuts; and most importantly – bananas. They’re high in potassium and fill up the stomach.
  • 9. Catch up with your friends – What are the rules around guests in your hotel room? Who is in charge of the keys or hotel cards? Make sure everyone staying in your apartment is on the same page, and has each other’s phone numbers.

Partying at Schoolies

Partying at Schoolies

  • 10. Don’t take all your money out with you – Leave some money or a spare bank card in the safe of your hotel. That way, if your bag is lost or stolen while you’re out, you’ll still have access to money back at the hotel.
  • 11. Buddy up – If you’re out in a group, make sure everyone is responsible for taking care of someone.
  • 12. Check out the organised events – The official website covers all of the major Schoolies celebrations across the Gold Coast, Airlie Beach and Bali. Check out the programs and make the most of the stages, dance floors, DJs and free stuff.
  • 13. Don’t do drugs – Just don’t. Trust us. Not only is it illegal and dangerous, but it means you won’t be covered by your travel insurance.
  • 14. Be careful what you drink and how much – Regardless of what you’re drinking, keep a close eye on what you’re consuming. Avoid drink spiking or alcohol poisoning by buying bottled drinks and always watch the bartender as they’re preparing your order.
  • 15. Look for the Frogs – RedFrogs are a volunteer organisation who are present at most Schoolies events. You can rely on them for help, hydration and food.
  • 16. Drink lots of water
  • 17. Drink lots of water
  • 18. Be a good friend – Take care of each other, especially if you are overseas. If you lose someone, go find them. If your friend is about to do something irresponsible, stop them.
  • 19. Be responsible for yourself – You’re an adult now and that means making good choices. Take care of yourself and respect your friends by not putting them in tough situations.

Have fun!

Have fun at Schoolies

  • 20. Make the most of your holiday – Why waste your time nursing a hangover and regurgitating last night’s greasy kebab when you can be down at the beach enjoying the start of your new life outside of school? It’s your party. Celebrate wisely.


Kristen Hyde is a freelance wordsmith from Sydney who now lives in London because she heard the weather was awesome. You can follow her adventures in ol’ Blighty at Where in the World is KH. For more instantaneous updates of her travels, what she eats, and what she sees on the Tube, you can follow her on Instagram.


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